Individual Psychotherapy

This may be long or short term therapy.  Often people are interested in help through a particular crisis in their lives, for example, the end of a relationship, or help after a traumatic event.  In these situations, short-term psychotherapy is usually what people choose.  The goal is to successfully get through a particularly difficult situation, and to emerge with "your feet back on the ground" and usually with some additional tools to use in the future.

Other times, people are interested in understanding more about their personalities, so that they may understand issues that bedevil them in their lives. For example when people get repeatedly caught in similar unpleasant circumstances, but can't quite figure out how it happens or why.


58663650 - young women with a nervous breakdown

Typically people in these situations find themselves thinking things like, "No matter how hard I tried to do things differently this time, it only went the same way as before." Or "I don't know why this or that drives me crazy. I wish it didn't, but it always does."

These types of dilemmas are best resolved in what is traditionally thought of as longer-term psychotherapy, where you and I seek to understand better your concerns and motives, so that you have greater personal freedom, and no longer become trapped in long-standing patterns that you wish to avoid.

Although it is of longer duration, my goal is always to work as quickly and as thoroughly as we can so that you have the maximum opportunity to enjoy life and to pursue the things that are important to you.

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