Counseling for Couples

In this type of therapy, I meet with you and your partner to resolve problems that are troubling you as a couple.  I am comfortable and experienced working with couples of all sexual orientations and have no presuppositions that the couple should or should not be sexually exclusive.  That is for you to decide, not me.

The goal is to foster good communication and increase your ability to resolve dilemmas as a team.  This type of therapy also tends to be short term. Once the couple gains (or re-gains) their ability to work on difficulties productively, and feels safe enough with each other to do so, the therapy ends, as you will find that you have mastered the skills to work on and resolve problems as a team, without outside help.

Again, it is probably worthwhile for me to point out that what is important to me in couples' counseling is your increased ability to take on your challenges as a couple effectively, and not a notion that staying together in a traditional marriage is right for everyone.  That is for you as a couple to determine, and my job, as I see it, is to help you develop the skills to do it without "driving each other crazy".

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For more information on working with me or to schedule an initial consultation, please call 212-242-2219.