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I'm Dr. Eli Mayer, a Clinical Psychologist licensed in New York State as well as an AASECT certified sex therapist and sex therapy supervisor. 

As one of the first openly gay psychologists in New York city, I specialize in helping individuals and couples whose sexual preferences fall outside of the "norm". By this I specifically mean lesbians, gay men, transgender, gender questioning, queer, polyamorous, kinky or people who wish to be non-exclusive or monogamous.

I also apply my non-judgmental, open position to heterosexual couples who are interested exploring a more honest, trustworthy relationship with their partner. 

With all of my clients, I am known to have a warm engaging style, and frequently employ good-natured humor as part of my work.

I see my role as a psychologist as collaborating with you; working on the issues that are of concern to you. Rather than wishing to "control behavior" or thinking that I know what you "should be doing", I prefer to work with people to expand the options open to you. By doing this we can unleash your potential, increase the amount of enjoyment available in life, and decrease your suffering.

My office is conveniently located in the West Village between 5th and 6th Avenue. I am a short walk from the W4th St. stop as well as Union Square, the #1 and 2 and 3 trains, and across the street from the PATH station.

I offer individual and couples therapy as well as sex therapy and you can read additional details about each of those services below.

To learn more about my services, please click the tabs above and reach out when you're ready to speak on the phone about how we might be able to work together. You can reach me directly at 212-242-2219.

If we're not a good fit, I am happy to refer you to a clinician who will support you in your growth.  


Types of Therapy



This may be long or short term therapy. Often people are interested in help through a particular crisis in their lives, for example, the end of a relationship, or help after a traumatic event. In these situations, short-term psychotherapy is usually what people choose.


Couples Counseling

In this type of therapy, I meet with you and your partner to resolve problems that are troubling you as a couple. I am comfortable and experienced working with couples of all sexual orientations and have no pre-suppositions that the couple should or should not be sexually exclusive.


Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is effective both when working with couples and when working with an individual. This therapy is very focused on the sexual problem and utilizes many techniques and exercises that on a very practical level help you overcome your difficulties and concerns.

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